Analytical Weighing Balance

  • With piece, unit conversion (metric carat, gold ounces), full range peel, zero tracking, such as multi-functional, more convenient, reliable operation.
  • Built-in RS232C output interface, can be connected directly to the computer, printer,etc.
  • Built-in hereinafter referred to as hook. Balance in the host, scale, adapter, specification, product certificate, packing list, warranty CARDS, dust cover.
  • Humanized design,novel structure,5 surface completely transparent glass wind shield.
  • Adopts double CAM experiment fully automatic internal calibration function, more stable and fast.
  • Balance has "preheating", "calibration""screen saver" & other applications.
  • Large backlit LCD screen, make the operator visual more soft and clear.
Model JA1003 JA1203 JA2003 JA3003 JA4003 JA5003 JA11003
Weighing Range 0-110g 0-120g 0-210g 0-310g 0-410g 0-510g 0-1100g
Min. Reading 0.001g
Scale Interval 1mg
Repeatability Error 0.001g
Linear Error ±0.002g
Pan Size Φ90mm
Output Interface Rs232C
Size 330*215*350mm & 5.5kg
Power 220V+22V/-33V、50Hz


Model FA1004N FA1104N FA1604N FA2004N FA2104N FA2204N FA3104N
Range 0~100g 0-110g 0-160g 0-200g 0-210g 0-220g 310g
Min. Reading 0.0001g (0.1mg)
Scale Interval 0.1mg
Repeat Error 0.0002g
Linear Error ±0.0005g
Pan Size φ80mm
Size 330*215*350mm & 7.5kg
Power 100~240V, 50/60Hz

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