Applications of Moisture analysers in Dairy Industry

Post date: 18 Feb, 2022


Applications of Moisture analysers in Dairy Industry

What is Moisture Analyzer

A Moisture Analyzer, is also known as a moisture balance or moisture meter, is an instrument used for the assurance of the moisture content of a sample. It consists of an infrared weighing and heating unit.

How does moisture analyzer work?

Moisture analyzers use Loss on Drying (LOD) strategy to measure moisture. In this strategy, the moisture analyzer weighs a sample, warms it up to dry it, and weighs it again once it's dry. The weight in the wake of drying is deducted from the weight previously, so the deficiency of moisture is resolved utilizing the deficiency of mass.

The hotness creating framework can differ from one analyzer to another. Some moisture analyzers use halogen and some utilization infrared or without glass metal radiators situated over an accuracy balance. Halogen moisture analyzers are speedy, proficient, and responsive. These sorts of moisture analyzers are ideal to utilize where there is no single setting that heats all samples evenly.

How to measure dry extract in dairy products: optimizing the methodology

Dairy items are a typical staple in the human eating diet. Moisture content is a significant component in the structure of food varieties, and it is a boundary used to measure samples quality because of its immediate effect on food storage. In this review, the dampness substance of three distinct items (mozzarella cheddar, a velvety cheddar spread, and yogurt drinks) were estimated utilizing broiler drying, infrared drying, and microwave drying to think about the aftereffects of these three techniques. The various strategies used to measure the dry concentrate of the greater part of the brands investigated didn't contrast essentially between one another in view of an importance level of 5% on test. There was a critical contrast between the procedures utilized on account of just one brand of each investigated products.

Food sources, compound/pharma products, building materials or animal feed - the moisture content definitively affects value, processability and quality, going from unrefined components to eventual outcomes. Deciding this moisture content is one of the most widely recognized analysis in product improvement, the manufacturing process and quality control.

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Features of Moisture Analyzer

  • High-performance AURI heating units for uniform sample heating
  • 30% faster measurement results improve laboratory efficiency
  • Integrated Method Development Assistant for easy customization
  • Convenient analysis method importing and exporting with compatible devices
  • Programmable up to 100 unique and custom analysis methods

Parameters / Comparison

Max. weighing capacity 200g
Reproducibility, typical Starting at an initial sample weight of approx. 1 g: ± 0.2%
Starting at an initial sample weight of approx. 5 g: ± 0.05%
Readability 1 mg, 0.01%
Typical sample quantity 5 g – 15 g
Display modes for results Moisture content in % M and % g

Dry weight in % S and g

ATRO (ratio) in % M|S
Temperature range and settings 40°C – 200°C, in increments of 1°C

Standby temperature selectable from 50°C – 120°C

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