BTY-B3P Gas Permeability Tester

BTY-B3P Gas Permeability Tester is based on the differential pressure method and is professionally applicable to the determination of gas permeability of battery diaphragms, breathable films, and other relative polymer products.
  • The instrument is controlled by a computer with an automatic test process
  • Touch screen, easy to learn and easy to operate
  • Imported high-precision pressure sensors are used, which guarantees the testing accuracy and repeatability
  • Imported pneumatic control system with an ultra-low failure rate and extremely long service life, which guarantees the seal performance of the whole system
  • Environmental temperature and humidity are monitored and recorded in real-time
  • ISO 5636, SJT 1071.9, GB/T 36363-2018

    Test Range 10 ~ 10,000 s/in2·100 mL·1.21KPa
    Pressure Range 0 ~ 20 KPa (customization is available for others)
    High Pressure Resolution 0.01 KPa
    High Pressure Accuracy ±0.05 KPa
    Low Pressure Resolution 0.1 Pa
    Low Pressure Accuracy ±0.3 Pa
    Specimen Size ≥12 mm×12 mm
    Test Area 0.019 (12.56 mm2)
    Customization available for other test areas
    Number of Specimens 3, 2 or 1
    Test Gas O2, N2, CO2 and 99.9% dry gas (outside of supply scope)

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