C650M Headspace Gas Analyzer

C650M Headspace Gas Analyzer is featured with handheld design and equipped with high precision sensors and air pump supplied by globally well-known manufacturers. It can provide accurate and fast evaluation of the volume of oxygen and carbon dioxide (with optional CO2 sensor) in sealed packages, bottles and cans, etc. Because of its portable design, the instrument can be used to measure the volume and proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide on production lines, in warehouses or in laboratories, to serve as a guide for production.

Basic Applications

  • Packaging Bags
    Test the volume of O2 and CO2 (optional) in headspace of non-vacuum sealed packaging bags of coffee, cheese, milk tea, milk powder, bread, bean powder, instant food and drugs, etc.
  • Packaging Containers
    Test the volume of O2 and CO2 (optional) in headspace of packaging containers of coffee, milk powder, food, cheese, can, Tetra Pak and beverage, etc.

Extended Applications

  • Ampoule Bottles
    Test the volume and proportion of O2 and CO2 in head space of ampoule bottles

Product Features

  • Handheld and portable design, easy-to-operate with one hand, suitable for tests on production line
  • Auto shutdown for energy saving
  • One-button calibration, simple and efficient
  • Components and parts are supplied by global well-known manufacturers, which guarantee stable performance of the instrument
  • Protective cover for sampling probe to ensure the safety of the operator
  • Embedded gas sensors for accurate analysis of the gas contents inside flexible or rigid packages
  • Embedded pressure sensor for accurate determination of the vacuum degree inside the package
  • CO2 sensor uses NDIR technology, patented solid state LED, detector and gold-plated optic components
  • The sensors are supplied by globally well-known manufacturers, which have ultra-high precision, low fault rate and long service life
  • Industrial grade touch screen, one button operation, intuitive operating interface, remote upgrade and maintenance
  • Chinese and English language operating system can meet different requirements of the users
  • Automatic data storage, power failure memory to prevent data loss
  • Up to 1200 test results can be stored
  • Equipped with wireless micro-printer for convenient data printing (optional)
  • Equipped with standard USB ports and professional software for convenient PC connection and data transfer (optional)
Specifications C650M
Testable Gases O2 (Standard) CO2 (optional)
Test Principle Electrochemistry Infrared Absorption
Sensor Service Life 2 Years (in air) >15 Years
Test Range 0 ∼ 100% 0 ∼ 100%
Resolution 0.01% 0.01%
Test Accuracy ±0.2% ± (0.03% + displayed value * 5%)
Sampling Volume 15 mL (Standard Mode)
Instrument Dimension 220mm (L) x 110mm(W) x 70mm(H)
Power Supply 220VAC±10% 50Hz / 120VAC±10% 60Hz
Net Weight 0.6 kg

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