Ferrous and Non-ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge 2510

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge 2510 adopts two thickness-measuring methods: magnetic induction (ferrous) and eddy current (non-ferrous). It can rapidly, nondestructively, and precisely measure the thickness of the non-magnetic coating on a magnetic metal substrate and the thickness of the non-conductive coating on a non-magnetic metal substrate. It automatically detects the type of metal to be measured. These 2510 thickness gauge is ideal for painted surface testing, car paint inspection, coated material testing, and quality control applications.
  • Two principle of operation are adopted: magnetic induction (ferrous) and eddy current (nonferrous) to take non-destructive measurements
  • Zero point calibration and two-point calibration to correct the system error of the probe
  • Features two working modes: DIRECT and BATCH & two measuring ways: CONTINUE and SINGLE
  • Statistics include the mean, maximum, minimum, test numbers and standard deviation.
  • Automatic recognition of substrate.
  • Memory of 600 data
  • Deletion of current data, calibrated data, limit data and all data stored.
  • Low battery indication and error alarm
  • Buzz during operation for indication
  • Auto or manual shutdown

Probe types



Working principle

Magnetic induction

Eddy current

Measuring range

0-1250 μm

0-1250 μm, 0-40μm (for chrome plate on copper)

Minimum resolution



Zero point

±(3%H+1) μm

±(3%H+1) μm

H means the thickness of tested piece


Two points



H means the thickness of tested piece



Min. curvature

Convexity 1.5 mm

Convexity 3 mm

Min. area

Φ7 mm

Φ5 mm

Critical thickness
of the base

0.5 mm

0.3 mm


2 pcs AAA 1.5 V battery


110 x 50 x 23 (mm)


100 g

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