C650H Headspace Gas Analyzer

Basic Applications

  • Seal Packaging Bags
    Test the volume of O2 in headspace of non-vacuum sealed packaging bags of coffee, cheese, milk tea, milk powder, bread, bean powder, instant food and drugs, etc.
  • Packaging Containers
    Test the volume of O2 in headspace of packaging containers of coffee, milk powder, food, cheese, can, Tetra Pak and beverage, etc.

Extended Applications

  • Ampoule Bottles
    Test the volume of O2 in headspace of ampoule bottles
  • Equipped with micro-printer for convenient data printing
  • The instrument is with LCD display, PVC operation panel and menu interface, which is convenient to operation and result review
  • Chinese and English language operating system can meet different requirements of the users
  • The instrument is controlled by micro-computer, which can analyze, process and transfer the test data and test report
  • The build-in data storage function allows it to store a large amount of test data.
  • Portable design allows operating the instrument in laboratory or on production site.
  • Equipped with standard RS232 ports and professional software for convenient PC connection and data transfer
Testable Gases O2
Test Range 0 ∼ 21%
Test Accuracy 0∼ 2%: ±0.1% 
2% ∼ 21%: ±0.2%
Sampling Volume >=5 mL (Standard Atmospheric Pressure)
Instrument Dimension 350 mm (L) x 330 mm (W) x 200 mm (H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz / AC120V 60Hz
Net Weight 5 kg

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