Innovation, not just Appearance - Labthink's 30 Years of Ingenuity Brings C130H Gas Permeability Tester to Market

Post date: 10 Aug, 2020


Innovation, not just Appearance - Labthink's 30 Years of Ingenuity Brings C130H Gas Permeability Tester to Market

Thirty years to build a brand. Labthink was founded in 1989, and has been deeply engaged in the field of packaging physical performance testing for 30 years. It has made a lot of explorations in improving the inspection level in the industry and promoting the standardization of inspection.

On the 30th anniversary, Labthink launched a commemorative innovative product, C130H Gas Permeation Test system, a high precision laboratory testing instrument based on differential pressure method, to help realize gas permeability, solubility coefficient and diffusion of thin films and sheets tests in fields of scientific research and food, pharmaceuticals, packaging materials and many others, efficiently enhance product quality control and new product R&D processes.

Mr. Chen Xi, Director of Labthink Global Markets Center, said: "C130H has completely overturned the appearance and structure of Labthink's barrier instruments in the past 30 years, brought together many key technological innovations in Labthink. We hope that through simple operation, powerful functions and comprehensive customization services, users can complete more test tasks in their working hours and obtain more reliable test results.

Test has never been simpler

Labthink designed a revolutionary overall structure to simplify operation and improve performance, in order to create a simple, comfortable and intelligent operation process. Based on users’ demand, C130H provides three test modes: intelligent test mode, scientific research test mode and high efficiency mode, to fit users’ needs at different levels.

Intelligent test mode - Only a small number of parameters such as test temperature need to be set, one-button operation and automatic stop. Simplified parameter setting process requires less operation and offers more comfortable experience.

Scientific research mode - Provides flexible and rich parameters and functional settings, users can "freely design" a variety of testing schemes.

High efficiency mode - Set the test time in high efficiency mode, and the instrument will stop automatically in the preset test time.

Accurate, stable and outstanding

For 30 years, Labthink has been exploring for "extreme test precision". The newly born C130H, which benefits from the continuous improvement and creative integration of cutting-edge technology, presents excellent data reproducibility and test reliability, and represents a significant progress in the accuracy of current differential pressure gas permeation test.

Because of the complex and uncertain factors such as temperature and pressure, the differential pressure gas permeation testing instrument requires extremely stable and precise control technology. To this end, Labthink has made many innovative designs, such as:

Using imported sensors with higher accuracy - excellent sensitivity and analysis rate, the ultra-high barrier material with 0.01-0.09 cm3/m2* 24h*0.1 MPa can be accurately measured, showing unprecedented test repeatability.

Unique temperature control technique - A unique technology based on thermodynamics and hydromechanics is adopted to make the constant and uniform temperature air flow circulate in test chambers. The temperature fluctuation in the test chambers is controlled below 0.05 after rigorous test verification.

Wide range pressure setting - support flexible pressure setting of high pressure chamber in 10KPa~210KPa range, accurate pressure sustaining of system.

Full automatic precise pressure compensation technology - during the test process the pressure is compensated automatically for high pressure chamber to achieve constant pressure difference between high and low pressure chamber. The test results show that the pressure change is controlled within 0.2KPa.

Test Temperature and Pressure Calibration Port - Provide Fast and Convenient Verification of Temperature and Pressure Accuracy.

Real-time display of test curves - including pressure-time curve, transmission rate-time curve, temperature-time curve, to facilitate users to fully grasp the test situation, and temperature and pressure fluctuations.

Imported pneumatic control system - upgraded reliability, with ultra-low failure rate and ultra-long service life, excellent air tightness, eliminates unstable factors of manual operation.

"C130H shows the proved accuracy and stability in the permeability test of medium and low barrier materials, and its performance in the test of high barrier materials is even more surprising. This innovative gas permeability test scheme provides accurate data for inspectors, helps them to make more intelligent improvements or quality control programs.

Focusing on best efficiency

Accuracy and efficiency achieve high test throughput and reduce laboratory operating costs. Labthink knows this well. Therefore, in the industrial design of this instrument, "high efficiency" runs through the whole process of optimizing the structure, components and system. The innovative three-chamber design enables the system to measure three or even more sample in one test. Upgraded automation technology and vacuum pumping technology can optimize the efficiency while minimizing the complexity of operation.

When using C130H for gas permeability testing, the test time is greatly shortened. "Taking vacuuming time into account, the test of medium and low barrier materials can be completed in 4 hours, and the test time of high barrier materials can be controlled in 8 hours." Labthink R&D Engineer said.

More functions for various user needs

Based on technological innovation, Labthink has always been committed to the research and development of personalized customization functions. User needs and suggestions are the core driving force of Labthink's continuous innovation and the reasons of Labthink‘s industrial foresight. At present, C130H provides users with the following mature technology applications. Beside, Labthink will do its best to meet the specific requirements of users.

Hazardous Gas Permeability Testing Technology - Through special customization, to achieve the permeability testing of toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive dangerous gases.

Data Curve Fitting in Permeation (DCFP) – Obtain gas permeability, permeability coefficient, diffusion coefficient and solubility coefficient of materials at non-standards temperature in a simple, convenient and economical way.

Test Gas Humidification Technology - Supports test gas testing with different humidity, automatic and precise control, without manual intervention.

Software System Required by GMP - Customize the Software System that meets the data traceability requirements of GMP in China to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Data ShieldTM System - secure and reliable data centralized management facilitates convenient connection with information systems, and can be shared by multiple Labthink products.

C130H is designed based on GB, ISO, ASTM and other national and international standards. It meets the system requirements of differential pressure test standards, adopts the integration of instrument and software and automatic design. Reliable unattended operation facilitates different levels of operators to quickly learn and use for obtaining high-precision transmission rate data.

Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd, is dedicated to providing customers with packaging testing solutions and helping the manufacturers to reach their goals of quality and safety assurance through improvement of packaging testing techniques and development of high-end packaging testing instruments.

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