T364S Textile Tensile Test Machine

Textile tensile tester is professional designed to determine static product and material strength properties including tensile, compression, cyclic, shear, flexure, bend, peel, tear and material characteristics such as elongation and modulus at controlled testing speeds or constant loading rates. The electronics core of test machine is the micro-processor system that records and processes the measurements of sample clamp movement, force recording, length recording and others.

  • Multi-language for operators and easy control testing interface for force-elongation, force-time, elongation-time and other test methods.
  • High performance motor with low voice, anti-vibration speed changing box provides stable and precise test operation.
  • Testing clamps to meet different testing requirements and support customizing clamps.
  • High precision hubspokes force sensor with recovery repeatability error 0.01%. And with 120% safety factor, 150% max.

ASTM D2256, ASTM D3822, ASTM D4632, ASTM D5034, ISO 10319, ISO 13934, ISO 1421, ISO 2062, GB/T 3923.1, GB/T 19976


Item Detail
Capacity 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 300kg
Force Unit(Switchable) kg, Ib, N, KN
Distance Unit(Switchable) Inch, cm, mm
Load Capacity Resolution 1/200,000
Load Capacity Precision ±0.5%
Amplification X1, X2, X5, X10, X20, X50, X100
Stroke(exclusive of clamp) 1000mm
Effective width 400mm
Test Speed 0.01~500 mm/min
Speed Accuracy ±0.5%
Displacement Resolution 0.001 mm
Sample Rate 500Hz
Dimension 450mm x 230mm x 1350mm
Net weight 50kg


No. Product
2036401 Textile tensile tester
2036402 Testing software
2036403 Clamp kit

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