T431N Mask & Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester

T431 Respirator breathing resistance tester is professional designed for determining the protective mask respiratory breathability resistance performance. By providing certain air flow according to the standard, the measured pressures for inhalation and exhalation can be used to determine the breathe resistance of tested protective mask. The respirator breathe resistance test apparatus can also be used to test leakage and air tightness property with accessories.

Artificial lung can simulate the different breathing conditions for dynamic test and provide pass or not by analyzing test results. Breathing resistance curve and testing data can be displayed on the computer and support printing or storage in the computer for further use.

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  • Standard testing headform with pressure probe at high location.
  • Built-in pressure reducer and safety valve provide more precise testing data.
  • Automatic testing software is easy to operate.
  • Real time pressure digital display function.

GB 2626 Respiratory protective equipment-Non-powered air-purifying particle respirator

GB/T 32610 Technical specification of daily protective mask

EN 143 Respiratory protective devices-Particle filters-Requirements, testing, marking

EN 14387 Respiratory protective devices-Gas filters and combined filters-Requirements, testing, marking

BS EN 12941 Respiratory protective devices-Powered filtering devices incorporating a helmet or a hood-Requirements, testing, marking


Item Detail
Range ≤100L/min
Air 2L/stroke
Resolution ≤0.5%
Air resolution ±5%
Control Microprocessor
Language English
Report print Yes
Data output Yes
Data storage Yes
Power supply 230 V,60 Hz,300W
Dimension 460mm x 490mm x 500mm
Weight 31kg


No. Product
2043101 Respirator breathing resistance tester
2043102 Dummy Head
2043103 Computer with software
2043104 Respirator breathing resistance tester (Integrated mode)

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