MODEL 5ST Universal Testing Machines

A model known as a universal testing machine (UTM) is created to evaluate a material's strength and product performance by measuring its mechanical characteristics, such as tensile, flexural, compressive, and shear. This apparatus tests final components as well as raw materials, metals, polymers, fabrics, rubbers, adhesives, and food. A variety of tests, including those for tensile strength, shear strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, puncture and burst resistance, tear strength, peel strength, and melt flow, are available with this sort of multipurpose equipment.

A specimen is fastened during a tensile test and is then continuously loaded with tensile forces, stretching and eventually tearing the specimen apart. To ensure that the data is transferable between labs, these tests are carried out according to an internationally recognized standard process and calculation of findings. Depending on the standard, the rate of loading can be applied as a constant rate of extension, constant rate of strain, or constant rate of load.

All of the tests are designed and implemented in accordance with key international testing standards including ISO, ASTM, EN, and various other industrial standards. The introduction of different tensile strength types for different sectors in accordance with their respective qualities ST series, L series, and Horizon software.

  • Shearing Test
  • Test of Tensile Strength and Elongation Rate
  • Test of Tensile Strength at Break
  • Tear resistance Test
  • Heatseal Strength Test
  • 90-degree Peel Test
  • 180-Degree Peel Test
  • Adhesive Strength Test
  • Peel Test of Cup Films
  • Pullout test of Infusion Bag Caps
  • 45-Degree Peel test of Bottle Membrances
  • 23-Degree Pullout Test of Bottle Cups
  • Tear Resistance Test of Adhensives
  • Puncture/Pullout Test of Flexible Rubber Closures
  • Reduced crosshead travel (340mm)
  • Bluetooth-enabled handheld interface allows maximum flexibility when paired to a testing machine.
  • Suitable for tension, compression, flexure, shear and other tests to a maximum force of 5kN/1,000lbf.
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of national and international standard for materials testing systems.
  • Built-in pneumatic distribution ports provide local air supply to pneumatic grips
  • Four full-length T-slots built into the machine column to allow accessories to be securely mounted to the test frame.
  • Different system interface options are available, from a familiar tethered handheld interface, a wireless Bluetooth interface panel running an Android application, or virtual machine controller application running on a PC. All interfaces work with Horizon Data Analysis software.

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