C660B Leak Tester

C660B Leak Tester is professionally designed for leakage test of packaging bags, bottles, tubes, cans and boxes for food, drugs, medical instruments, everyday chemicals, cars, electronic components, stationeries and other industrial products. The instrument can be used to test seal performance of specimens after falling and compression tests. The instrument also can be used to detect the minimum leak points and pinholes of blister pack, semi-rigid or rigid packages e.g. glass vials.

Basic Applications
Glass Bottles, Pipes, Cans and Boxes
Plastic Bottles, Pipes, Cans and Boxes
Metal Bottles, Pipes, Cans and Boxes
Paper Plastic Composite Bags and Boxes
Extended Applications
Pen Refills
Electronic Components
Medical Instruments
Professional Technology

Multiple Test Modes, Improved Testing Accuracy & Automatic Upgrade

  • The instrument supports multiple test modes including standard and methylene blue, etc.
  • The instrument supports automatic testing of traditional methylene blue dyes, which is repeatable and archives can be automatically generated after testing.
  • Precise pressure measuring system improves the testing accuracy greatly.
  • The instrument utilizes imported world-renown pneumatic components, which are stable in performance.
  • Automatic constant pressure compensation ensures that the test can be carried out under the preset vacuum conditions.
  • Multi-level vacuum can be preset for analyzing the leakage pressure of the specimen.
  • Unit conversion of multiple units including kPa, psi, mbar and mmHg are available.

New Patented Intelligent Touch Operating System

  • One-button operation, user-friendly interface, remote upgrade and maintenance.
  • Evacuation, test and infiltration time are adjustable and stored in the database to ensure consistent test conditions.
  • Test curves are displayed in real time. Intelligent data statistics supports quick review of test results.
  • Test data is expressed in eight international units for reference and comparison.
  • Automatic data storage and power failure memory functions.
  • Historical data can be reviewed and printed easily.
  • Micro-printer and USB data ports for data exporting and data transfer.
  • Multi-level user privilege management, log in with password.

This test instrument conforms to the standards:
GB/T 15171, ASTM D3078

Technical Specifications

Modal MFY-01A
Vacuum Degree 0 ∼ -90 KPa
Accuracy 0.25% FS
Vacuum Chamber Effective Sizes ϕ270 mm x 210 mm (H) (standard)
ϕ360 mm x 585 mm (H) (optional)
ϕ460 mm x 330 mm (H) (optional)
Note: customization is available for other sizes
Gas Supply Pressure 0.7 MPa (outside of supply scope)
Port Size ϕ6 mm PU Tubing
Instrument Dimension 334 mm (L) x 230 mm (W) x 170 mm (H)
Power Supply 220VAC 50Hz / 120VAC 60Hz
Net Weight Instrument: 16 kg
Standard Vacuum Chamber: 9kg


Standard Configuration Instrument, Standard Vacuum Chamber
Optional Parts Micro Printer, Customized Vacuum Chamber

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