C632B Hot Tack Tester

Labthink C632B Hot Tack Tester is applicable in hot tack and heat seal performance tests for plastic films, laminated films and other packaging films. Meanwhile, it is applicable in peel, shear, tension and other test items for adhesives, adhesive tapes, laminated films, plastic films, paper and other flexible materials.

Basic Applications Hot Tack Performance Plastic films, sheets and composite films e.g. PE, PP, PET and composite films used in packages for instant noodle, milk powder, washing powder, food and drugs
Heat Seal Performance Plastic films, sheets and composite films
Peel Strength Adhesives and adhesive tapes
Tensile Strength Tensile strength test of various films, sheets and composite films
Extended Applications Medical Adhesives Peeling test and tensile strength test of medical adhesives e.g. adhesive bandages
Textiles, Nonwovens and Woven bags Peeling test and tensile strength test
Adhesive Tapes Low speed unwrapping test
Protection Films Peeling test and tensile strength test
Magnetic Cards Peeling test of the films and magnetic cards
Bottle Caps Opening force test of the aluminum plastic combination bottle caps
  • With Digital P.I.D. temperature control system, the preset temperature could be reached in a short time without fluctuations
  • 4 force testing ranges and 6 testing speeds are available to meet the requirements of distinct customers
  • 4 testing functions including hot tack, heat seal, peeling and tensile strength are available in this instrument
  • Automatic zeroing, error alert, overload protection and stroke protection guarantee the safety operation
  • Automatic sample feeding
  • Instrument could be started manually or by pedal switch which is convenient to the customer and the anti scald design ensures the safety operation
  • The instrument is controlled by micro-computer with LCD display, PVC operation panel and menu interface
  • Equipped with RS232 port which is convenient for data transfer
  • Supports LystemTM Lab Data Sharing System for uniform and systematic data management

This instrument conforms to various national and international standards:
ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029, QB/T2358, YBB 00122003

Sealing Temperature Room temperature ∼ 2500C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.20C
Dwell Time (Heat Seal) 0.1∼999.9 s
Dwell Time (Hot Tack) 0.1∼999.9 s
Sealing Pressure 0.05 MPa∼0.7 MPa
Sealing Area 100 mm x 5 mm
Sealing Jaw Single heating or double heating (Customization available)
Gas Supply Pressure 0.5 MPa ∼ 0.7 MPa (outside of supply scope)

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