FX 3370 Air Permeability Tester SpotAir

The new FX 3370 Air Permeability Tester SpotAir, which is currently in the final stage of development, determines the Air Permeability, the Pressure Drop, and the Specific Flow Impedance at the moving web. It is the smallest, lightest, and most versatile Air Permeability Tester currently available in the market.

The measuring module can be used manually for spot and profile measurements, in which case it is powered by a battery. If a continuous profile measurement is required, the same module can be mounted to the frame of the production line. For continuous use, up to five modules can be linked together and operated from a single PC. Depending on the number of measuring modules, up to five length profiles over the entire width of the material can be displayed.

When the SpotAir is used manually, the results of spot measurements are shown on the display of the instrument, and profiles are saved on a USB flash drive for later transfer to a PC. During continuous use, the profiles are displayed, evaluated, and documented in real-time by the same PC that also operates the system.

Measuring range Air Permeability: 1.2 … 5,000 mm/s
Measuring range Pressure Drop: 20 … 200 Pa
Test area: 20 cm²
Test pressure: 20 … 200 Pa
Units of measure: mm/s, l/m²/s, l/dm²/min, l/cm²/h, cm²/cm²/s, l/s
m³/m²/h, m³/m²/min, m³/m²/s, ft³/ft²/min, Pa s/m,
mks Rayl, cgs Rayl, Pa/cm² (EN 14683)
Display accuracy: 3 significant digits
Measuring accuracy: ± 3 % of the displayed value
Test point pitch: 20, 50 or 100 mm
Max. measuring rate per module: 2 values per second
Languages GUI: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Max. material temperature: 60 °C
Max. ambient temperature: 50 °C
Protection class: IP 40
Power requirements: 100 … 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 90 W

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