GT-N19 Paper Thickness Tester

GT-N19 series Paper and cardboard thickness is measured the thickness of paper and cardboard special apparatus, widely used in paper, cardboard and other sheet materials, measured the thickness of corrugated cardboard.

The instrument is the cardboard is the cardboard carton production, research and inspection of enterprises and sectors, such as an indispensable instrument used.

ISO 534, ISO 3034, GB/T 451.3, GB/T 6547

Item GT-N19A GT-N19B GT-N19C GT-N19D
Measuring Range 0 - 6mm
Accuracy 0.01mm 0.001mm
Contact Pressure 100±1kPa
Contact Area 200±5mm2
Dial Pointer Dial indicator Digital Dial indicator Pointer Dial gauge Digital Dial gauge
Parallelism ≤0.002mm
Dimension 375 x 264 x 400
Weight About 6kg

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