High Energy Impact Testers

Tinius Olsen’s pendulum impact testers are versatile and reliable machines designed to fully comply with the specifications outlined in ASTM E23, EN10045-2 and ISO 148. Today, the Model IT406 and the Model IT542 are widely recognized as the standards for the industry for impact testing.

The Model IT406 provides maximum testing versatility. Easy insertion of interchangeable striking bits in the pendulum head quickly adapts the machine for either Charpy or Izod testing. A notch on the rear of the pendulum head allows optional tooling to be fitted for performing tension impact tests.

A safety lock holds the pendulum in its raised position and ensures a vibration-free release when activated. Once released, the pendulum quickly reaches the impact velocity of 5.47m/s (17.0ft/s) and has a maximum available energy of 406J (300ft.lbf) to impact the sample

  • Precision, friction compensated robust test frames.
  • Digital display option allows test set-up and result display.
  • Digital display option allows simple connection to PC for full test SPC analysis.
  • Safety features ensure repetitive secure testing
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