Melt Flow Index Model MP1200

The MP1200 melt flow tester/extrusion plastometer features the latest in melt flow measurement technology and allows operators to quickly and easily set up and perform melt flow tests according to ASTM D1238, ISO 1133-1 & 2, and other international and industrial specifications.

The MP1200 is available in two distinct versions: the manual MP1200 and the motorized MP1200M. The manual MP1200 comes with everything you need - except weights and laboratory balance - to perform an ASTM D1238 Procedure A (manual cut) gravimetric melt flow rate (MFR). Test loads are applied manually.

The MP1200 can be upgraded with optional features, including ISO 1133 tools and an encoder-based programmable piston displacement transducer (PPDT), for testing according to Procedures B & C (ASTM D1238) or for volume measurement tests (melt volume rate or MVR) and melt density calculations.

  • Three-zone band heater.
  • Touch-screen control.
  • Quick die release.
  • Powerful data analysis and control software.
  • USB connectivity.
  • Tapered weight design.
  • Automated Weight management option
  • System Conformance ASTM D1238 and D3364 ISO 1133-1 and -2 GB/T 3682 JIS K7210
    Operating Temperature 410°C max
    Temperature Control +/- 0.1°C
    Temperature Controller Three Zone PID
    Temperature Sensors Platinum RTDs (3)
    Timer resolution Displayed capture time 0.01 second
    Internal timing interval 0.001 second
    Display 7.1” LCD touch-screen, 800x480 resolution
    Data Entry Touch-Screen display
    Communications Port USB
    PPDT Accuracy +/- 0.001in(ASTM)
    +/- 0.02mm(ISO)
    Weight Position Accuracy +/- 0.1mm (+/-0.01 in)
    Weights Additive stainless steel with the following weights: 325g, 1200g, 2160g,3800g, 5000g, 10000g, 21600g
    Net Weight 66 kg (145 lb) including all weights
    Gross Weight 72 kg (160 lb)
    Electrical 115 or 230 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz single phase, 500W average
    CE Mark Conforms to all applicable European CE directives

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