MA 160 Moisture Analyser

MA160 moisture analyzer is an instrument that measures or calculates the amount of moisture content of any sample, such as infrared heating, microwave drying, or halogen heating. This device is commonly used in industries like food, beverages, paper material, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals for environmental protection also it uses the thermogravimetric method to analyze the moisture content of liquid, solids, or pastes. It is a reliable instrument giving you maximum flexibility, fast performance, and accurate results in minimum time on the widest variety of product samples.

These procedures can be downloaded to additional MA160 analyzers through an SD card. Long-term perfect functioning is guaranteed by MA160. The AURI heating unit is optimized for high-speed measurements.

MA160 includes features like high memory capacity, high-speed measurement, fast and precise development of methods, display of the measurement status, reliable performance testing, and user-friendly and effortless cleaning..

With its optimized AURI heating unit, the MA160 delivers high-speed measurements.
The MA160 is ideal for moisture analysis of the widest variety of samples under different conditions. Its Method The development Assistant function enables you to create your own methods for different samples and efficiently manage the methods in a library. This supports your work in the QC lab and in process monitoring. Typical areas of application for the MA160 include moisture analysis of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paper materials, and products for environmental protection.
  • High-performance AURI heating units for uniform sample heating
  • 30% faster measurement results improve laboratory efficiency
  • Integrated Method Development Assistant for easy customization
  • Convenient analysis method importing and exporting with compatible devices
  • Programmable up to 100 unique and custom analysis methods
  • Max. weighing capacity 200g
    Reproducibility, typical Starting at an initial sample weight of approx. 1 g: ± 0.2%
    Starting at an initial sample weight of approx. 5 g: ± 0.05%
    Readability 1 mg, 0.01%
    Typical sample quantity 5 g – 15 g
    Display modes for results Moisture content in % M and % g
    Dry weight in % S and g
    ATRO (ratio) in % M|S
    Temperature range and settings 40°C – 200°C, in increments of 1°C
    Standby temperature selectable from 50°C – 120°C

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