MP 1500 Melt Flow Indexer

Tinius Olsen is proud to introduce the latest addition to its polymer testing line, the MP1500 Closed Loop Melt Flow Tester. The tester features the latest in melt flow measurement technology which works with a closed loop where the load is applied by a motor and ball screw system with PID control feedback, there are no dead weights. The robust design that incorporates quality materials and components ensures that our reputation for superior system performance, ease of use, and longevity is maintained. Test machines become complete, powerful test systems with the addition of Tinius Olsen’s Horizon Data Analysis software.
  • Conformance to ISO 1133, ASTM D1238
  • Weightless force application range: 0.325-21.6kg
  • Capable to perform MFR & MVR in accordance with procedures A, B, C, D
  • 7.1” LCD touchscreen display
  • Three-zone band heater
  • Sturdy base with four leveling feet and two rigid columns are the strengths in support of longevity
  • Optional automatic cleaning function
  • Adjustable display mount for optimal viewing angle and right & left hand swappable
  • Large mirror with ergonomic viewing angle
  • Buil-in, automatic material purge functionality
  • Pneumatic cut-off and die release, standard
Part #
Test loads kg 0.325-21.6
Table mounting Yes
Test zones One
Number of columns Two
Column material Aluminium
Column finish Anodized
Column color Natural
Base material Aluminium
Base finish Pre-primed, top powder coat paint
Base color TO Cool Grey Web # E6 30 27
Crosshead material Steel
Crosshead finish Pre-primed, top powder coat paint
Crosshead color TO Green Web # 00 4C 45
Feet material Aluminium
Feet finish Anodized
Feet color
Maximum crosshead travel mm 500
in 20
Height mm 1016
in 40
Width mm 511
in 20
Depth mm 511
in 20
Weight kg 49
lb 108
Force protection system Yes, digital
Displacement protection system Yes, mechanical and user programmable
Ball screw type High precision low backlash
Ball screw cover/protection Yes
Crosshead drive system DC servo motor
Pneumatic air distribution 4mm OD hose with pushfit coupling,rated to 100psi maximum
Noise at full crosshead speed 2m radius 18db
NOTE – Software required for materials tests
Controller Specifications
Max data processing rate 168MHz
Data acquisition rate at PC 50Hz
External PC connection USB
User interface connectivity Horizon & USB Drive for data transfer
Force Measurement
Force measuring device type 45kg / 440N / 99lbf
Resolution 1 part in 8388608
Accuracy ±0.2% of applied force
Range 0.2-100%
Calibration standard ISO 7500-1 & 1133; ASTM E4 & D1238
Internal sampling rate 1000Hz
ISO 1133, 7500-1
ASTM D1238, E4
Range up to 400oC
Accuracy ±0.1oC
Timer Accuracy seconds 0.001
Position Control
Test Speed mm/min 0.0001-1,500
in/min 0.000004-60
Test Speed Resolution μm 0.1
in 0.000004
Test Speed Accuracy ±0.05% of indicated speed
Displacement Accuracy mm ±0.025
in ±0.001
Power Requirements
Supply voltage options 115/230V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 500W ±10%
Atmospheric Requirements
Operating temperature 5-40oC (41-104oF)
Operating humidity 10-90% non-condensing wet bulb method
Storage temperature -10-45oC (14-113oF)
Storage humidity 10-90% non-condensing wet bulb method

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