NJY-20 Digital Torque Tester

Basic Applications

  • Bottle Package
    Open and lock force test of the bottle caps for bottled packages for food, pharmaceuticals, e.g. beverage or tablet bottles
  • Flexible Tube Package
    Open and lock force test of flexible tube packages for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, e.g. eye-drop, hand cream and shoe polish, etc.

Extended Applications

  • Screws
    Open and lock force test of the screws
  • Vacuum Flask and Vacuum Cup
    Open and lock force test of the caps of vacuum flasks and vacuum cups
  • The instrument is controlled by a micro-computer with menu interface, PVC operation panel and large LCD display
  • 2 test modes for open force and lock force
  • Automatic retaining of peak value and recording the test results precisely
  • Standard testing units which is convenient for data reference and comparison
  • Intelligent designs of overload protection, automatic zeroing and error alert for safe test operation
  • Equipped with RS232 port and micro printer port which is convenient to the data transmission and PC connection
  • Supports LystemTM Lab Data Sharing System for uniform and systematic data management

NJY-20 Bottle Cap Torque Tester conforms to various national and international standards:
ASTM D2063, ASTM D3198, ASTM D3474, BB/T 0025, BB/T 0034, GB/T 17876

Load Cell Capacity 20 Nm (Standard)
40 Nm (Optional)
50 Nm (Optional)
Accuracy 1% FS
Resolution 0.001Nm
Clamp Range Ф5 mm ∼ Ф170 mm (Diameter)
Statistical Analysis Allowance 1∼9
If used with professional software, there will be no quantity limitation. Furthermore multi-units and statistical data analysis will be available.
Instrument Dimension 350 mm (L) x 240 mm (W) x 140 mm (H)
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight 19 kg

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