C360H Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System

C360 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System, is designed and manufactured based on the gravimetric determination method and conforms to the requirements of ASTM E96.

  • Films
    Plastic films, plastic composite films, paper-plastic composite films, coextruded films, aluminum coated films, aluminum foil composite films, glass fiber aluminum foil paper composite films and many other film materials
  • Sheeting
    PP, PVC and PVDC sheeting, metal foils, rubber pads and other sheeting materials
  • Paper and Paper Board
    Aluminum coated paper for cigarette, paper aluminum plastic composite film and other paper and paperboards
  • Textiles and Nonwovens
    Textiles and nonwoven fabrics
  • Construction Materials
    Geotextiles, felt, roofing and building materials, vapor barrier membranes, etc.
  • Aseptic Wound Protection Films and Medical Plasters
    Aseptic wound protecting films, medical plasters and protective clothing materials

High Precision

  • Patented test chamber and test dishes with advanced fluid dynamics and thermodynamic designs.
  • Labthink's proprietary thermostat technology ensures that the test chamber is precisely temperature controlled and remains stable throughout the test.
  • Precise and scientific regulation and calculation of testing conditions.

High Efficiency

  • 12 test stations
  • Supports test modes of desiccant method and water method

Labor Saving

  • Automatic humidity and flow rate controlling.
  • Desiccator requires no replacement of inner core.
  • High-efficiency water vapor generator.

Simplified Operation

  • 12" touch-screen pad powered by WindowsTM 10 operating system
  • Fast automatic testing process
  • Optional DataShieldTM software and accessories for automatic data management

Product Features

New Generation Test Chamber and Test Dishes

Patented test chamber and test dishes with advanced hydrodynamic and thermodynamic designs ensure the uniform flow rate over the specimen surface, stable temperature and humidity, creating a uniform and stable testing environment. As a result, the test duration is shortened and the test results will be more accurate.

Excellent Testing Abilities of High and Low Barrier Materials

The testing conditions will be regulated precisely in real time, which ensures the high testing accuracy and repeatability of high and low barrier materials.

Automatic Controlling of Temperature, Humidity and Air Velocity

Labthink's proprietary thermostat technology ensures that the test chamber is precisely temperature controlled and remains stable throughout the test.

Air velocity is monitored and regulated in real time.

High-efficiency and mist-free automatic humidity regulator meets the requirements for long-term continuous tests.

It is unnecessary to replace the inner core of the desiccator, which can continuously work for 20,000 hours.

Easy-to-use and High-efficiency System

The automatic test mode, combined with the instrument features, eliminates the need for manual adjustments to quickly obtain accurate results, saving training costs and releasing staff from manual monitoring so that they are available for other tasks.

The professional test mode provides flexible and rich instrument control functions to meet individual scientific research needs.

Unique, optional DataShieldTM system facilitates centralized management of user data. It supports a variety of formats of exported data. Reliable security algorithms are used to prevent data leakage. It supports universal wired and wireless LAN, optional private wireless network and third-party software.

User-oriented Service Concept

Adhering to our user-oriented service concept, Labthink has created a customization system that provides flexible and comprehensive customization services for the accommodation of non-standard specimens and packages.

ASTM E96, ASTM D1653, ISO 2528, TAPPI T464, DIN 53122-1, GB 1037, GB/T 16928, YBB 00092003-2015

Test Parameters

Parameter Model C360H
Testing Efficiency 0.01g/(m2.day) ∼ 0.5g/(m2.day) >24 hours
0.0006g/(100in2.day) ∼ 0.0323g/(100in2.day)
0.5 g/(m2.day)∼5 g/(m2.day) 12 ∼ 24 hours
0.0323g/(100in2.day) ∼ 0.3225g/(100in2.day)
> 5 g/(m2.day) <=12 hours
> 0.3225 g/(100in2.day)
Max. Test Range Water Method 10000/n (1-12)g/(m2.day)
645/n (1-12)g/(100in2.day)
Desiccant Method 1200g/(m2.day) per piece
77g/(100in2.day) per piece
Test Station   12
Test Temperature oC 20 ∼ 55 ±0.2
Test Humidity RH 10% ∼ 90% ±1%
Additional Functions DataShieldTM Note2 Optional
Computer System required by GMP Optional
CFR21 Part11 Optional

Technical Specifications

Specimen Size Ф74mm
Specimen Thickness <=3mm
Test Method Desiccant Method / Water Method
Standard Test Area 33cm2
Carrier Gas Compressed Air
Drying of Carrier Gas Long Service-life Desiccator (unnecessary to replace inner core)
Humidifying of Carrier Gas High-efficiency mist-free humidity generator
Carrier Gas Pressure >=0.6 MPa
Port Size Ф6mm PU Tubing

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