C390H Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System

C390 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System, is designed and manufactured based on infrared sensor method and conforms to the requirements of ISO 15106-2 and ASTM F1249.

  • Films
    Plastic films, paper-plastic composite films, coextruded films, aluminum foils, aluminum composite films, glass fiber aluminum foil composite films and many others.
  • Sheeting
    PP, PVC and PVDC sheets, metal foils, rubber pads, silicon wafers and other sheeting materials.
  • Packages
    Plastic, rubber, paper, paper-plastic composite, glass and metal packages, e.g. plastic bottles, pouches, coated paper cartons, vacuum bags, metal three-piece cans, plastic packages for cosmetics, soft tubes for tooth paste, jelly and yogurt cups.
  • Closure Systems
    Water vapor barrier property of various closure systems for bottles, cartons and pouches.
  • Solar Back-sheets
    Water vapor permeability test of solar back-sheets
  • Plastic Tubes
    Water vapor permeability test of various sorts of tubes e.g. cosmetic tubes
  • Blister Packs
    Water vapor transmission rate of whole blister packs
  • Automotive and Small Engine Fuel Tanks
    Permeability of plastic fuel tanks
  • Battery Plastic Shell
    Water vapor transmission rate of battery plastic cell

High Precision

  • New type infrared sensor for water vapor analysis with higher sensitivity.
  • Patented integrated test block with advanced hydrodynamic and thermodynamic design
  • Temperature and humidity are accurately and automatically controlled throughout the test, eliminating the need for operator intervention or separate data-logging devices.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor for independent monitoring of test cells.

High Efficiency

  • Three identical specimens can be tested simultaneously, which meets the requirements for parallel test.
  • Three distinct specimens can be tested under same testing condition, delivering higher throughput while reducing the number of instruments required.

Labor Saving

  • Automatic temperature and humidity control eliminate the need for operator monitoring and adjustment.

Simplified Operation

  • 12’’ touch-screen pad powered by WindowsTM 10 operating system
  • Fast automatic testing process
  • Optional DataShieldTM software and accessories for automatic data management

Product Features

Patented Sensor Technology

The instrument uses Labthink’s proprietary infrared sensor for water vapor analysis, which has excellent precision, repeatability and service life. Higher sensitivity and stability make it unnecessary to calibrate with distinct reference films for different test ranges and the interval between calibrations is extended. The test range of the sensor can be set automatically according to the transmission rate of the specimens without manual adjustment.

New Generation Integrated Testing Block

The patented three-cell integrated test block structure using advanced thermodynamics and hydrodynamics analysis greatly improves the temperature, humidity and flow measurement accuracy across the three test cells and supports sequential testing of three samples.

Automatic Control of Temperature, Humidity and Flow Rate

The internal temperature and humidity of the instrument are automatically adjusted with temperature and humidity sensors, maintaining the stability of the test specimen environment. Automatic flow rate control ensures constant flow during the testing process and minimizes any errors caused by an unstable flow rate.

Easy-to-use and High-efficiency System

The automatic test mode, combined with the instrument features, eliminates the need for manual adjustments to quickly obtain accurate results, saving training costs and releasing staff from manual monitoring so that they are available for other tasks.

The professional test mode provides flexible and rich instrument control functions to meet individual scientific research needs.

Unique, optional DataShieldTM system, meets the requirements for centralized management of user data. It supports a variety of formats of exported data. Reliable security algorithms are used to prevent data leakage. It supports universal wired and wireless LAN, optional private wireless network and third-party software.

User-oriented Service Concept

Adhering to our user-oriented service concept, Labthink has created a customization system that provides flexible and comprehensive customization services for the accommodation of non-standard specimens and packages.

ISO 15106-2, ASTM F1249, GB/T 26253, JIS K7129, YBB 00092003-2015

Test Parameters

Parameter Model C390H
Testing Efficiency g/(m2.day) (Standard) 0.005 ∼ 40
g/(100in2.day) 0.0003 ∼ 2.6
g/(pkg.day) (Package) 0.000025 ∼ 0.2
Resolution g/(m2.day) 0.0001
Repeatability g/(m2.day) 0.005 or 2%
Test Temperature oCC 10 ∼ 55 ±0.2
Test Humidity RH 5% ∼ 90% ±1%, 100%
Additional Functions Package Test (3L Max.) Optional
DataShieldTM Note2 Optional
Computer System required by GMP Optional
CFR21 Part11 Optional

Technical Specifications

Test Chamber 3 test chambers
Specimen Size 108mm x 108mm
Specimen Thickness <=3mm
Standard Test Area 50cm2
Carrier Gas 99.999% High-purity Nitrogen (outside of supply scope)
Carrier Gas Pressure >=0.28MPa/40.6psi
Port Size 1/8 inch metal tubing

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