T428 Medical Masks Flame Retardant Tester

Medical face masks flame retardant tester is to determine the fire resistance performance of medical face masks and full face masks. The tester can provide a specific flame and make the dummy head with facepiece move to the flame under a specific speed. The operator can observe the effects of the flame on the masks and facepiece. The tester is suitable for medical face mask, respiratory protective equipment and full face masks.

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  • Adjustable burner height with automatic timer.
  • Equipped with flame temperature measuring device.
  • Automatic ignition system.

EN 149, GB/T 19083, GB 2626, YY 0469


Item Detail
Moving speed 60±5mm/s
Flame height 40±4mm
Flame temperature Thermal couple Up to 850℃
Burner TEKLU burner
Burner adjust height 30mm
Distance between burner and mask 20±2mm
Timer 0-9999.9s ±0.1s
Power supply 220 AC 50Hz
Dimension 950mm×400mm×850mm
Net weight 65 kg


No. Product
2042801 Medical face mask flame retardant tester
2042802 TEKLU burner

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