T441 Respirators Mechanical Strength Vibration Tester

Respiratory mechanical strength tester is pre-treatment for respiratory and respiratory protective devices. It is tested before breathing resistance, filtration efficiency and clogging. By providing 20 min standard mechanical pretreatment with simulating rough usage of the filter, the tester can show no mechanical defects of the filter pre-treated to meet the requirements for the following tests.

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  • Individual control box.
  • Pre-setting testing time.
  • Pre-setting testing numbers.

EN 149, EN 143


Item Detail
Piston rate 100 rotations/min
Vertical distance 20mm
Mass of steel case >10kg
Testing time 20 min (Adjustable)
Total rotation 2000 (Adjustable)
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 700mm x 800mm x 700mm
27.56inch x 31.50inch x 27.56inch
Net weight 90kg


No. Product
2044101 Respirators Mechanical Strength Vibration Tester

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